Yellow Ribbon Shortage

With thousands of our neighbors on the front lines, it's no surprise support for them is strong on the home front. From hanging American flags outside their doors to tying yellow ribbons around their trees, the Coastal Empire is showing its support for this war, and some craft stores in town are having trouble keeping up with the demand.

It seems ever since the war with Iraq started, yellow ribbon has been hard to find. Post September 11, the popular colors were of course red, white and blue. Ever since the war in Iraq started, the color in most demand is yellow.

"It's been yellow ribbon mostly, everybody wants the yellow ribbon, that's why we're kind of running low," said LuAnn Willis of Michael's Arts and Crafts in Savannah.

They're running low because people want to hang the colorful ribbons high.

Shopper Michelle McGee told us, "We're going to tie it around our front tree. Our neighbor across the street is over there somewhere, we just want to put a symbol up and let him know we're thinking of him."

Yellow ribbon buyer Mary Hennessey said her family is "getting our flags out there, getting the yellow ribbons out there, letting them know we're behind them."

Michael's says the store should have more yellow ribbon in sometime this week.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,