Flight delays and cancellations due to snow

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA - The approaching snow is causing some delays and cancellations at airports across the south, including here in Savannah.

Kelly and Kerrie Gunter arrived at the Savannah Hilton Head International airport Friday morning only to be told their flight to atlanta was cancelled..

"All flights are cancelled," said Kerrie Gunter. "It is very important that we get there, to make the funeral.

The Gunters are trying to get to Oklahoma City to lay their grandmother to rest, and they say they will not stop until they find a carrier that will be able to take them there.

"So we are going to have to search the airport to find a connecting flight or direct flight," said Kelly Gunter. "Oh my gosh," said Kerrie Gunter in response. Kelly Gunter added, "We are going to have to go airline to airline to search until we find something. It is going to be terrible."

While the Gunters are begining their journey to find a new flight, for Bil Ohillips this is third day he has been trying to get out of town.

"I was originally supposed to fly on Wednesday, so I rescheduled the flights to yesterday, and I rescheduled again for today," said Phillips. "So far I am seeing on the board that we are an hour delayed, so that may mess up my connection to New Haven."

Some travelers like Jonie Sago are having better luck getting off the ground.

"I was supposed to be leaving out of Charleston, and I was able to get a flight from Savannah, and I picked the 12:50, and it must have been a lucky pick, because the earlier one was cancelled," said Sago with a smile.  "So far so good."

Meanwhile, things are not looking so good for the Gunters.

For now the only trip they will be able to make is to the ticket counters, in hopes of finding a new flight.

"I hope we can get something today," said Kerrie. "It is not looking good right now hoping to get there in time for funeral."

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