Savannah Electric Drills for Disaster

Believe it or not, hurricane season is just around the corner. Plenty of people are getting ready to help keep us safe if a storm threatens. If you drove by Savannah Mall today, you might have wondered why there were so many power trucks and law enforcement vehicles around. It was nothing serious today, but in the future it could be.

Among the equipment workers showed us were ready-to-eat meals that heat up all thanks to a chemical reaction.

"During a real event, it may be several days before we have anybody capable of providing food for us," said Jimmy Carnes of Savannah Electric. "This is going to be an excellent product to use."

Then there are customer service kits, complete with umbrellas and raincoats, workers from Savannah Electric will use when a disaster unfolds. It's not the real thing today, just a practice session since Savannah's hurricane season is coming up. If it does hit, other electric companies will come to help and this is where they'll start.

"We may have over 1,000 people coming into this area to help us restore power as well as our own crews," said the company's John Kraft. "After a major storm, you may not have restaurants open, gas, hotels, so we have to think of logistics as well."

And they also have to have the right to supplies. Emergency officials say in the event of a hurricane, the most important thing is restoration of power. That's why as part of this drill, they had boxes of cable ready to go.

"It's a huge investment that this company is making for this community," said Phillip Webber of Chatham Emergency Management Agency.

This is a drill Savannah Electric puts on every spring.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,