President Obama coming to Savannah

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Have you ever seen the President in person? Your chance is coming. President Barack Obama is coming to Savannah.

The President is expected to arrive two weeks from now.  But not to campaign, instead the White House says he'll be listening to ideas about turning the economy around.

Savannah Alderman Van Johnson says he couldn't be more excited about the visit, "Obviously there are people that are hurting. People here who have lost their jobs.  People here who don't know how they're going to live from day to day. We have small business owners that are facing very critical decisions. I think they want to be able to talk to the Commander and Chief."

People like Jessica Matz, manager of the Clothing Warehouse, and Ted Kohn, manager of Savannah Pizza Place.  They both work on Broughton Street and know first hand how tough this economy has been on small businesses. "I've been here for almost seven years now and I've just seen this mass decline of foot traffic," said Matz.

"We don't need any more problems. We need to get our sales up and stabilize before we can talk about growing, so anything he can do to stabilize the cost," said Kohn on what he wanted the President to do.

Everyone has questions. But while not everyone may get a chance to ask them, the fact that the President is coming has everyone excited. "I think it's just amazing that he really takes the time to pay attention to the little people," said Matz.

"Maybe it'll help. Maybe it won't.  But at least he's listening to the people," said Kohn.

"What I admire most about him is he's willing to go out and hear directly from the people and I think Savannahian's will have a lot to tell him," said Johnson.

Whether good or bad, the President will hear; when the White House to Main Street tour arrives here.

The president is expected to be in Savannah on March 2nd. The details surrounding his visit still have not been released. We'll keep you posted on the plans.

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