Editorial Feedback - 01/18/10

Viewers respond to: Attention-Deflection Syndrome

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA

You wrote in your 1-18 editorial:
None of those initiatives are in America's best interest, none of them, unless our collective-goal is to waste billions more in tax-money, continually raise consumer prices and taxes, and erode, even-more, our independence and personal freedom.

I beg to differ... ALL of them are in the nations interest IF you are trying to destroy the nation. I've never seen an administration so out of touch with the public. It's almost as if foreigners or crooks or czars are in charge. Reminds me of the Chicago mob movies.

But then came last Tuesday Mr. Scott Brown-41 There's a glimmer of hope for this country yet. NOT that the Republicans are better than the others, but the people finally woke up.
It might even come to the point of a revolution with live ammo. I hope not. It can all be resolved by rational, civilized, educated, Constitution abiding people.

May be I can play the role of Paul Revere : The government's comin', the government's coming.