Sandstorms Threaten Equipment

Hinesville's Third Infantry Division is spending a lot of time not just on the ground, but surrounded by it, caught in another bad sandstorm. It's slowing things down and cutting visibility. It's also making more work, since they have to fight to keep the sand out of their weapons and gear.

Some current Fort Stewart mechanics know all about that. Many are civilians who fought in the Gulf War and now keep the tanks at Stewart rolling. They say the sand gets in everything, and can shut down a tank and stop a unit literally in its tracks.

"They're dealing with the heat, they've got to stay in uniform, wear their Kevlars," said senior technician Corey Williams. "When you're working on a Bradley, and you're trying to get inside with a Kevlar on, it's pretty hard to do."

If they can't fix it on the spot, they have a giant armored tow truck to haul tanks and other heavy vehicles to the rear for repairs.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,