Massive Wrecker Overturns

Shelly Dixon is a long-time driver for Sapp's Wrecker Company. About 11:15pm last night, Dixon was driving one of the large wreckers that haul tractor-trailer rigs, heading toward Savannah on Alternate 17A. Dixon says he must have fallen asleep and the wrecker ran off the road, hit the guardrails of a bridge in Jasper County, then flipped upside down before hitting the water. The cab of the rig burst into flames and Dixon was trapped inside.

"I got hung in the seatbelt and couldn't get out, and I finally got it unhooked and didn't know where I was," he told us. "I went and got into the sleeper, I guess that's where I was. I couldn't get out and the smoke was overtaking me, so I went and swam out the window I guess, I don't know."

Amazingly, Dixon was not seriously injured, but his eyes were burning from spilled diesel fuel. Sapp's will return this morning to pull the giant rig out of the water.

Reported by: Steven Shoob,