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A new jobs bill was passed by the Senate today that will give tax breaks to businesses that hire the unemployed, an initiative that could create up to 250,00 jobs.

The bad economy has had an impact all across our area, but some places in Georgia have been hit harder than others. The unemployment rate in Jenkins County is nearly double the national average and the highest in the state. Bureau chief Dal Cannady was there today and found out what people had to say about this new jobs bill.

Business owners and residents of Savannah's historic district say they're upset about what seems like an increase of graffiti on buildings downtown. As police try to find those responsible, Lynda Figueredo found a group of people working hard to clean the markings.

A group of Confederate Civil War soldiers known as the Immortal 600, fought hard to preserve the confederacy in America, but their story is often lost in history. They became prisoners of war at Fort Pulaski where 13 of them are buried.

Melanie Ruberti spoke with some of their decedents who are trying to give these soldiers the recognition they deserve.

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