Kingston POW Resolution

Among the POWs in Iraq are at least five Americans. With Georgia First District Congressman Jack Kingston's leadership, Congress made the first step toward trying to do something about their treatment at the hands of the Iraqis. The House voted unanimously to approve his resolution demanding that Iraq abide by the Geneva Conventions, after seeing the video that's been broadcast all over Arab television.

Kingston described the video showing "young soldiers physically fit, in the prime of their lives, and the camera pans back and forth on their bodies and three of them had a hole in their heads from close range, execution style, and then the interview of soldiers who are captive and held for public curiosity." He went on to say, "The Red Cross has been denied access to them. All of this is against the Geneva Conventions."

Kingston says the resolution sends strong messages to the POWs that we will get them home safely. It also tells the Iraqi military that they will be tried as war criminals. And, Kingston says it should tell the countries that have been critical of American policy, but signed the Geneva Conventions, that it's time for them to respond. The resolution is now headed to the Senate.

Reported by: Dawn Baker,