Enduring Freedom Vets Deployed Again

A number of Marines, sailors and naval aviators from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort are serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. And it wasn't too long ago these same men and women were in Afghanistan. WTOC spoke with one of these military families.

It wasn't long after Gy. Sgt. Robert Lauder came back from Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, that his family had to say goodbye to him yet again. This time, he and the rest of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 were headed to the Middle East in preparation for war in Iraq. That was six weeks ago. But since the bombs began to drop, his wife, Ann, has been keeping her eyes glued to the TV, waiting for new developments.

"The kids get mad because they want to watch cartoons or something and it's like, don't turn the TV because I'm scared I'm going to miss something," she told us.

Ann doesn't know exactly where her husband is or what he's doing this time, but she does know he's on the ground somewhere in the Kuwaiti desert. In her eyes, it's a big change from being aboard the Roosevelt during Operation Enduring Freedom, especially now that the nation's getting play-by-play reports of war developments.

"Every time they come on and say Marines, they don't specify which Marines," she said. "It kind of makes your heart go out because you're sitting there hoping, gosh, I hope they're all right."

But this family is doing what they can to keep their hero safe, and saying that support is better now in community than it was during operations in Afghanistan.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com