International Media Covers Fort Stewart

A Dutch crew reporting from Hinesville.
A Dutch crew reporting from Hinesville.

With thousands of troops from the Coastal Empire and Low Country fighting in Iraq, some national and even international attention is being paid to our part of the world. Television networks from CNN to Dutch TV are doing stories on the Third Infantry Division out of Fort Stewart. So what kind of reaction are their viewers having to the war in Iraq?

Twan Huijs watches the Coastal Empire for 16 million people. The American correspondent for Dutch National Television is covering Fort Stewart's response to this war. It's a touchy subject in the Netherlands.

"The Netherlands are part of the coalition," Huijs said. "The majority of people are against it. But we have this historic alliance with the US."

Networks from around the world are focused on Fort Stewart and Hinesville. Photographer Keeka Vliegenthart edits Huijs' stories complete with familiar faces. With live reports and stories from and with WTOC, they send the tone of the community overseas.Huijs says Dutch viewers are interested in all things American and this war has been the biggest one of all.

"What is interesting to Dutch people is the enormous patriotism here for troops," said Huijs. "Since we aren't really part of the war, this is a real eye opener in the Netherlands."

Mariela Salgado reports for Telemundo Network, which reaches out to Spanish-speaking people in the US and the world. She says Latin countries' support of war wavers further from our borders. But, she says, "You might have Chilean or Argentineans who reside in America who agree with President Bush because we have two audiences,  those who live in the US and one in Latin America."

Reported by: Dal Cannady,