Savannah Man Commands USS Kitty Hawk

The flag that hangs outside the quiet Parker residence in Savannah is just a small part of the patriotism that lies within. Morrise Parker, now in her golden years, has a wall full of memories of her life as a military wife. Although her husband, Robert Parker, a retired gunnery sergeant of the United States Marines, has passed on, Morrise still has a lot to be proud of, especially of her son Thomas.

"I believed Tom could do whatever he wanted to do, yeah he was a good student," she said.

What is now the Savannah Arts Academy used to be Savannah High School and back in 1970, Capt. Thomas Parker graduated from there. Afterward, he attended college at the Virginia Military Institute. From there he joined the Navy. Thomas's naval career has taken him all the way to the Persian Gulf, where he commands the USS Kitty Hawk.

Even though Morrise worries about her son like any mother would, she says it seems as though he was destined to serve and to lead.

"The kids grew up with a military background, you know, with changes and moving every couple of years, so it wasn't strange to them," she said.

After having a husband that served in World War II and now having a son commanding the USS Kitty Hawk, Morrise says she's used to the men she loves being so far away from home, because in her home, to serve your country is as American as the flag that hangs outside.

"All our lives, we all knew we were military," she said.

Captain Thomas Parker officially took command of the USS Kitty Hawk just last month, on the 26th of February.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,