Small business owners excited for President Obama's visit

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA - With President Barack Obama's visit to Savannah in just three days, many people are getting ready for the big event.

Very few details have been released about the President's itinerary, but we do know his first stop will be at Savannah Technical College.

The President will speak to a small audience of invited guests.

From there he'll visit several small businesses in the area.

"There was a rumor yesterday that he may come here," said small business owner Wendy Armstrong. "I am sure it is just a rumor, but it is a nice rumor and a nice thought."

Armstrong is hoping the President will make a stop in her restaurant during his visit on the "White House to Main Street Tour" to Savannah on Tuesday.

She owns a small business named Thrive, a carry out cafe on Highway 80.

"I feel that our business sort of epitomizes alot of the issues he is addressing on this trip," said Armstrong. "We are a green-certified restaurant, the first and only one in Savannah, and so we have been using green practices even though there is an economic crisis."

As a small business that focuses on helping keep the environment and people healthy, Armstrong says there are many questions she would ask the President if given the chance.

"I would ask him to mention some of these topics, because I think they need to be addressed more locally like the eco-friendly and green issues for Savannah," said Armstrong. "Also the health issue; Georgia has problems fighting obesity."

Like many business's owners hit hard by the recession, Armstrong wants the President to address how the government plans to help folks like her.

"As a small business owner, what exactly is his administration doing to make our lives easier, as far as tax incentives and things that are going to help us grow?"

Obama is expected to visit businesses that have been hit hard by the slow economy. Armstrong knows the president will have a long and grueling day, but she has the perfect thing to help him during his visit.

"I would probably make sure he has a lot of super foods, because he probably needs to keep his energy up," said Armstrong.

She says she will keep her hopes up that the President will make a stop in her shop.

Several small business owners will gather on Monday to discuss how the President can help their businesses grow.

That information will be presented to President Obama during his visit in Savannah.

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