Talk of the town: President Barack Obama's visit

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA - Preparations are underway in the hostess city, in advance of President Barack Obama's visit on Tuesday.

While we do know his first stop will be at Savannah Technical College, everything else about his visit is very tight lipped.

While people were out visiting the shops and enjoying good eats in downtown Savannah on Sunday, many were discussing President Barack Obama's trip to Savannah and wondering where he might visit, and for what reason.

"I heard he was stopping here, but do you know why?" said Jason Rudeen.

"I think it will be a great thing for Savannah," said owner of Savannah Pros and Poetry Reds Helmey. "I really don't know why he is coming. I understand he may be visiting places like Plant Vogtle with the new nuclear plant that has been ok'd. Savannah is a unique place and I think it may change his perspective on politics."

While there will not be an opportunity for the general public to ask the President questions, Helmey believes he knows why Savannah Technical College was chosen as the President's first stop during his visit here.

"It's vocational training," said Helmey. "Education is the answer to so much. I think so many wrongs in America today are due to the fact that we are not educated. I think it is a good thing he is visiting out there. He will be focused on talking to students and getting input; I hope input from them."

Many small business owners like Helmey are also looking forward to giving the President their input on how he can help their businesses grow.

"I would like them to do something on revenue growth and not tax credits, because some people don't get enough revenue to take advantage of tax credits," said owner of Stamp and Stencil Rich Reinhardt.

Many are expecting the President to discuss health care, jobs and the economy during his visit, but no matter what he focuses on, Savannahian's say they will be listening.

"A lot of people will want to hear what he has to say," said Ernesto Cardenas.

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