Ft. Stewart Soldiers Killed in Suicide Bombing Attack

The Department of Defense has confirmed two soldiers from the Third Infantry Division were among those killed in a suicide bombing attack outside of Najaf, Iraq. 19 year old Diego Fernando Rincon and 20 year old Michael Russel Creighton Weldon died in the bombing. Both men were Army Privates from Conyers, Georgia.

They were killed Saturday at a military checkpoint operated by the Third I.D. on a highway north of Najaf when a taxi stopped and waved for help. "Soldiers went to check it out," explains Colonel Will Grimsley, with the Third Infantry Division, "just like they did and when they got close to it, the driver inside, the man who had beckoned them to the car, detonated a bomb, killing himself and the four soldiers."

Fort Stewart has not confirmed if the other two soldiers killed were with the Third Infantry Division.