Police: Woman jumps security barricade

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - People were excited as they watched the President being escorted into Savannah Technical College, but police say one woman let her emotions get the best of her as she took off running towards the president.

Police were keeping a watchful eye on people as they gathered on White Bluff Road. They set up barricades to make sure that no one could get near the college during President Obama's visit.

"Security is tight, security is tight," said spectator Bruce Wilson.

But that didn't keep one woman from jumping the barrier between her and the president as his motorcade pulled into Savannah Technical College around noon.

"I saw a young lady, I don't now how old she was," said Wilson. "She was running across the grass. I guess trying to go over there and get a closer picture of the president. All of the police officers stopped her and put her in cuffs."

"She looked like she was a student here," said Savannah Tech student Katherine Bennefield. "Secret service and police got to her really fast."

Police and secret service agents quickly escorted the woman off of Savannah Tech's campus, and took her away for questioning.

Continuing to watch in shock, some of the spectators were angered by the woman's actions.

"I came to witness history and not for that," said  Francis James. "It brought tears to my eyes."

"The attention was on the president coming in, but once she ran across the street, everybody was eyeing her," said Bennefield. "We didn't get to see him. It's sad."

It is still unclear what the woman's intentions were, but some spectators are thankful she was stopped.

"They got to her real quick" said Wilson. "He was never in danger or anything."

They say they will never forget the woman who went running for the President.

"She ruined it by running over there," said Bennefield.

Police say the unidentified woman is currently at Memorial University Medical Center where her mental health is being evaluated.

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