Paula Deen meets President at Meddin Studios

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) The President's visit to Savannah might not have been complete without meeting the city's most famous cook, Paula Deen.

The owner of The Lady and Son's talked with WTOC about talking and laughing with President Obama and talks about her experience cooking with the First Lady a few months ago.

The Lady and Son's also catered for the press and his motorcade, while the President chose a different a venue for lunch. And Paula was surprised when he told her he went to Mrs. Wilkes.

"Let me tell you it was so funny, because he busted himself," Paula said about her conversation with the President. "He said, 'I had the most wonderful lunch today.' And I thought, 'Oh My Gosh we catered lunch for him at Savannah Tech and he's fixing to tell me how wonderful it was.'  And I was getting my chest all blown out and then he said, "Yeah we went to a place called Mrs. Wilkes. I said, 'What!'"

Then Paula said that the President chuckled and said, "Well, we gotta spread the wealth." Paula said she completely agrees.

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