Yellow Ribbons for Sale

Some Low Country military wives are busy this week, folding, cutting and tying. They're putting together thousands of yellow bows to keep our troops overseas at the forefront of everyone's minds. The women started kicking around the idea on email, to make some ribbons for themselves, and maybe sell a few to supplement military family income. Soon, though, the idea had snowballed into a mountain of yellow.

"It helps get through it when you're trying to do something back here to help them over there, because there's not a lot we can do here to help them," said Linda Nelson.

The wives of the 533rd Marine Fighter Attack Squadron have invaded Plantation Florist in Bluffton.

"Today, while everyone else is sweating it, and getting prepared for weddings and making everyday arrangements, we are making yellow ribbons," said Jackie Vaught.

The first batch is going to military families for free. After that, they'll try and sell the rest for $15 apiece. They're hoping to completely run out of ribbon. Volunteers say the fundraising opportunity with this ribbon campaign is obviously important, but what really has them excited is the support they're getting from people about this.

Everyone is invited to come help over the next couple days, and they're already getting commitments from the YMCA and Sun City Vets.

Now all of the money being raised from these ribbons is going to military families, and when we left earlier this afternoon, they'd already gotten through almost half of their original allotment of ribbon.

For information on how you can buy some bows, contact Plantation Florist owner Jackie Vaught at 843.815.3530, via email, or online.

Reported by: Christ Cowperthwaite,