Blogging from Baghdad

News is easy to come by online, whether you want a local, national, or international perspective. But one source of the news from Baghdad is an online diary by a person claims to live in there and goes by the online name of Salam Pax--from the Arabic and Latin words for peace.

"It is even too late for last minute things to buy, there are too few shops open," he writes. "We went again for a drive thru Baghdad's main streets. Too depressing. I have never seen Baghdad like this. Today the Ba'ath party people started taking their places in the trenches and main squares and intersections, fully armed and freshly shaven."

He's also posted images from Iraqi TV, saying things like "an interview with the minister of interior affairs. Turned the volume down, didn't want to hear anything."

While questions online about Salam's authenticity have ranged from the skeptical to the paranoid, several articulate pundits are convinced he's who he says he is.

"4:30pm (day3)," he writes. "half an hour ago, the oil filled trenches were put on fire. First watching Al-jazeera they said that these were the places that got hit by bombs from an air raid a few miniutes earlier bit when I went up to the roof to take a look I saw that there were too many of them, we heard only three explosions."

In either case, the descriptions he's contributed to the present situation are a new and vivid kind of documentation we simply didn't have before.

You can find a link to Salam Pax's web log here. We don't know why, but the log hasn't been updated for several days now. We do know that coalition forces have been targeting communications facilities in Baghdad, however.

And we should point out to parents the contents of web logs may not always be suitable for your children, so always surf as a family.

Reported by: Charles Gray,