Hinesville Coffee Shop Honors Troops

With the thousands of Fort Stewart soldiers deployed to the Middle East, the people of Hinesville want their families to know they're being thought of every day. One restaurant owner is doing something special so we can put names to the faces in uniform.

Scott Mortensen makes a mean cup of coffee. But his new shop Over Coffee is getting more attention for its decorations. Last month, he started hanging photos of deployed soldiers. It's a welcomed release to spouses like Cynthia Stever.

"I love it," she said. "I love the fact we've got al this support from Hinesville to stand behind this and know we're not alone."

Mortensen got the idea to hang the pictures from a minister at a prayer rally here in Hinesville.

"He had us pull out a picture of our family member as a point of contact," he said. "When I pulled out the picture, something in my heart just broke."

The first picture was Mortensen's son-in-law Cy Mullholland. Then others followed. Some show the soldier with their family. Others were emailed from the Kuwaiti desert before the war, showing soldiers in their daily duties. Mortensen says it's a way for families to bond with each other and their soldiers far away.

Military spouse Janice Booker says her husband's not up there. "He's camera shy," she told us. "I don't know if he'd be pleased to be up there, but I'm considering it."

The Mortensens hope they can get more images of the 16,000 Fort Stewart and National Guard troops on the wall and in the minds of customers.

"That wall stays where it is till every deployed soldier is able to take their picture off that wall, if they're interested," Mortensen said.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com