Deployed Soldier Gets Word of His Son

Besides the obvious dangers and hardships our military men and women face, they're missing many of life's big events, like anniversaries, birthdays, and in some cases, the births themselves. This week we introduced you to a new mom trying to get word to her husband about their new baby boy.

"Labor and delivery wasn't the hard part," said military wife Amanda Sanchez. "It was the afterward, when the baby was here and taking pictures and the doctor asked me who I wanted to cut the umbilical cord."

Robert Tanner Sanchez came into the world at just over seven pounds on March 21, but his dad couldn't be here. He's somewhere in Iraq fighting with the Third Infantry Division, having known the baby was due soon

"He was very torn about leaving," said Amanda.

Amanda Sanchez knew her husband was anxiously waiting to know when and if he's healthy, so she tried to get the word out.

"I talked to the rear detachment commander and I tried to send a message," she said. "I talked to the lieutenant in charge of his unit. I tried to send it that way. Anybody. I called the numbers on TV for the Army."

She, new baby Robert and 15-month-old Jack waited and waited.

"1:30 this morning, I got a phone call and shot up out of bed," Amanda told us.

It was the Red Cross calling to confirm that her husband, Specialist Robert Sanchez, had heard the good news.

"This morning when I woke up I was so relieved. Okay, finally, it's over," said Amanda.

She's hoping he's able to get the pictures she sent.

"Right now he knows he has a baby, but hasn't seen him, hasn't touched him, hasn't smelt him, so I think he'll be speechless," she said.

So she's now counting the days until Robert Tanner gets to meet his dad.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,