Prayer for Peace

As the war with Iraq continues, plenty of people are spending a little more time at church. WTOC found families coming together for a moment to say a prayer for peace at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Isle of Hope.

"I invite you to take this time tonight to pray, pray for the safety of our troops," said Pastor Hugh Bromiley, addressing the congregation.

He told us, "The one thing we have left available for us to do is pray, pray for the release of the POWs, for swift completion to the war."

Some more than others need the helping hand.

"He's out there in the midst of all this mess, but he's not lonely and he's doing well," said Susan Gonzalez, holding tightly a picture of her husband Mark. Now she finds herself praying just a little more often.

"It's been hard, it's been difficult," she said. "But I've had a lot of support from my family and this church."

For some prayer not the only thing they can do, just what they feel may be the most powerful

"There is so much power in prayer, it is something so many people are praying for," said Gonzalez.

Many of the people we talked with say they plan to continue their prayer as long as our troops are overseas.

Reported by: Ryan Young,