Rally for America

Hundreds gathered in the Low Country to showed their support for the military last night, family and neighbors showing their patriotic spirit. Thousands crowded Beaufort's Waterfront Park, waiving flags and showing off their red, white and blue as part of a Rally for America.

While nearly 2,000 Beaufort Marines, sailors, and Naval aviators are over in the Middle East, their families and friends are right here showing their support. And that support comes in the form of signs, flags, pictures, and from within the heart.

Kelly Huntsinger described loved ones in the military, saying, "Andy is in Germany, Joey is in Iceland, he's a navy Seal, Justin is in the Army, but we're not sure where he is."

"I'm here because I support the troops," military wife Lisa Frazier simply said.

They're troops that are missed in this military town.

Military wife Karen didn't give her last name, but did tell us, "I want him to know there's a whole lot of people at home that are in support of what he's doing."

She plans on sharing a piece of this rally with her husband, who's serving in the Middle East.

"I wanted to take some pictures and send them to my husband, so he can see the positive side of things that are going on here," she said.

They plan more rallies to keep spirits up through the war.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com