Widow of Blackhawk Commander Speaks

The captain of the Blackhawk helicopter that crashed in central Iraq lived in Savannah. The loss of Capt. James Adamouski, the company commander for a company of 30, and five of his men, has been devastating. Adamouski lived for two things: his fellow soldiers and his wife Meighan. Married just this past August, she was looking forward to living the rest of her live with him.

"He'd been deployed, this is his fifth deployment, I had never thought in a million years that this was a possibility, or a reality of it because he always came home," she told us.

The day of the accident, Meighan and dozens of other wives waited by the phone, hoping they wouldn't be the ones to get the call, but knowing someone would.

"I think everyone feels that way, you feel this incredible sense of elation when you find out it's not you, but then you just feel terribly guilty afterwards because you know it was someone else," she said.

But when the news came to Meighan, no words could describe the devastating loss.

"There's no one I've ever met that didn't say they loved Jimmy," she said. "When he came in he gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, you know you were like family to him."

And to the men he flew with and the men who were under his command, Capt. James Adamouski had a special meaning, a bond that only men who go to war together will ever know.

"He loved every single on of them," Meighan said. "He tried to treat them and do what was right for them as if they were his sons."

Capt. Adamouski will be laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com