Mixed emotions about Beach High School reassignments

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The community is speaking out after superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy made the decision to force all staff at Beach High School to reapply for their jobs.

This is after the state threatens to take over if the school doesn't make academic improvements.

Former teachers have mixed emotions. They want the school to improve, but worry about the students and how they are feeling about this.

Sisters Carolyn Goodrich and Deborah David are both Beach High alumni. Both take pride in their school.

"It gave me the foundation that I needed to be successful," said Deborah. It's a foundation that both believe is still at the school. So when they found out the district made the decision to reasssign the entire staff, they were shocked.

"I am not happy with it I think it's unfortunate that the parents aren't even a part," said Carolyn. "They should have a big part in sating what's going to happen and neither does the community."

"It gives the impression that the teachers and staff were inadequate," added Deborah. "And maybe that's not the case, that reorganizing at the 11th hour and students taking exams is disrupting to the students."

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy says he didn't have too many options.

He says the state threatened to step in if he didn't make changes. He agrees that this is disapponting because Beach High School was making improvements.

Carolyn and Deborah say no matter what they will continue to take pride in their school.

Only 49 percent of the staff will be allowed to get their old jobs back. Lockamy says he hopes to reassign them to other schools in the district.

Under this plan, Beach will be eligible to receive up to $2 million a year for three years to improve student achievement.

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