World War II Vet Finally Gets Medals

Imagine risking you life to do a job and then waiting patiently almost 60 years for justly deserved recognition. That's what happened to World War II veteran William "Dub" Wilson, Jr. Wilson  has waited 57 years to receive his purple heart medal and seven others he earned during the war, including the bronze star.

"I go to my grave remembering, all this time, nothing and then a warm welcome like this," he said.

Like many other World War II soldiers, Pvt. Wilson just wanted to get home when the war was over and didn't stay to receive his medals. So decades later, with the help of Congressman Jack Kingston, his son-in-law, TSgt. Larry Stanley, made it possible.

"I couldn't wait for the opportunity to try to do this for him, not to put a feather in my hat, but put one in his hat," Stanley said.

"You can't say the words this means to me," said Wilson.

Private Wilson was one of the first paratroopers, and while fighting in the European Theater landed in enemy territory.

"He saved several of his comrades that were over there with him," Stanley told us.

His family was all smiles as they stood behind this proud soldier, who they say doesn't like to brag about his heroic accomplishments.

"It means a lot, I worked very hard for them," he said.

And he says he will put the medals in a special hiding place, so only he can find them and look at them whenever he wants.

Spokesmen with the 165th Airlift Wing say there are thousands of World War II vets still waiting for their medals. The easiest way to get them is to contact your local congressman.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,