Family of Murdered Man Buys Billboards

The billboards show Randy's face and asks, "Who murdered me?"
The billboards show Randy's face and asks, "Who murdered me?"

A Savannah family continues to look for clues to a loved one's murder. Six months ago today, someone gunned down Randy Stevens in front of his house as he was leaving for work. The family says the investigation in the case has turned cold and they're asking for your help. They say they want to know who it is that could have taken the life of Randy and, more importantly, why.

"Randy was a devoted family member, the president of our family reunion and worked with the City of Savannah for 20 plus years," Sandra Stevens-Smalls, his sister, told us. "We don't know, we need help we need help finding out what happened."

Days after his murder, Randy's case turned cold. The family says police have been working hard on it, but nothing has surfaced.

"They're doing an excellent job communicating with us, we're communicating with them, no one wants to give out any information as to what happened that morning," Sandra said.

That's why six months later the family has bought billboards all throughout Savannah. They hope Randy's face will remind people that a great man is gone, and a murderer is still on the loose.

"I hope someone that knows something someone that sees this billboard, keeping aware that this case is unsolved, will lead to some information," Sandra said. "Right now we just need answers. We need to know who killed Randy."

The family says if that person is ever caught, the next question for them will be, why? Again, the family and police are asking for your help to solve Randy Stevens' case. If you have any information, please call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,