Funeral Services for Savannah Native Killed in War

A service was held today for a Savannah native, killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Funeral services for 31-year-old Capt. Jason Korn were held at the Bethesda Home for Boys in Savannah today. Korn lived at Bethesda in the 1980s. He was killed in Iraq earlier this month during a friendly fire incident. But his step-mother, Annette Hale, wants everyone still fighting overseas to keep pushing on.

"I just want those guys over there to know not to worry," she said. "The next time they have to take a shot, I don't want them to ever hesitate. My boy Jason got them from the front to the back and now we want them to come home, we want them all to come back home."

Korn was a soldier at Fort Knox, Kentucky. When his unit wasn't sent to fight in Iraq, he volunteered to go and was placed with the Third Infantry Division's 64th Armory. Capt. Jason Korn will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

Reported by: Ryan Young,