High School Sophomore Organizes Rally

One local high school student wants to help our troops, she's organizing a major rally to show support for our men and women overseas. WTOC spoke with Jenkins High School sophomore Jenn Caskey today. Operation Yellow Ribbon is a rally that will be taking place all over the country on the very same day, and Jenn is organizing Savannah's all by herself.

The rally and candlelight vigil to show support of our troops will take place on May 17.Washington, DC, is holding one on the same day, and so are other cities all over the country,

"Considering people really don't want to drive, I thought it would be good to bring it here," said Jenn.

Not only did she think this was a great idea for all the military family and friends in our area, she also is using it to help move up in the Girl Scout ranks.

"For a gold award, I am going to try and do this and get it past the board," she told us.

She says it has become harder and harder to achieve this status. Jenn is finding time to do this in between her school, soccer, softball, ROTC and job. And soon, she'll be working weekends too. She and her mom are doing everything from lining up the speakers to providing the food.

"We're trying to get hot dogs and buns, and stuff we are bringing, the yellow ribbons and candles," she told us.

If you would like to help out Jenn with Operation Yellow Ribbon, either by speaking, singing or just giving her some advice on what you would like to see, here is the number where you can contact her: 691-2091.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com