Chief Lovett speaks out on Larry Wall investigation

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The GBI report into Larry Wall's death is under review by the Chatham County District Attorney's office.

Since Friday, Larry Chisolm has had the investigation report on his desk.

Meanwhile, Larry Wall's family has taken to the streets to rally in recent weeks, even in front of the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department. Tuesday morning, they were back in front of the Chatham County Courthouse.

And, for the first time since the investigation began, SCMPD police chief Willie Lovett has broken his silence on the case, speaking to WTOC.

The chief says he wants the same thing the family does. He wants the truth.

"We want some answers. We want justice for my brother's murder, because he was murdered in his own home," Shukena Wall told WTOC.

Tuesdsay afternoon, outside the Chatham County Courthouse, Wall, her aunt and others, held signs, wore t-shirts and pins in memory of the man they call "Mr. Ruffles", Larry Walls, Jr.

Inside the courthouse, the review of the report into his death was underway.

"No one has told us anything," Wall said. "No one has called us to say this is this, or that is that and we just want justice for my brother."

"We are doing the right thing. And by no means are we going to hide anything from them," police chief Willie Lovett told WTOC.

Savannah-Chatham Metro's new police chief says the shooting death of Wall, involving one of his police officers, was immediately handed over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Since then, Lovett has remained quiet publicly.

"It's not a very comfortable position to be in, because there are certain things that have to happen," Lovett said. "First of all, you have to make sure the public understands you are doing the right thing. In this case, turn it over to GBI because we are involved."

"We want the truth to be heard, regardless of what it is, we want it to come out," Lovett added.

The events of March 15, 2010, from the moment Larry Wall called in a vandalism report to 911 to officer Carey responding, have been documented. As police claim, the officer realized Wall had outstanding warrants and say Wall ran from him and then attacked the officer, stabbing him before Wall was shot and killed.

However, Lovett says rumors and speculation as to why this happened have not been easy to handle. "It kind of puts a bad spin on the investigation when that happens," Lovett said. "There is really no way in an investigation like this are we going to run out everytime you hear a rumor to say, no, that didn't happen."

From his officers to the DA's office, Lovett believes the city, and this case, are in good hands.

"You have people who do this everyday. And you also have to support them. And I do," he said.

"We want them to take their time in this case and review all the evidence," Wall said. The family has acknowledged appreciation for Lovett and how he has handled the case.

Now, the case is in the hands of the District Attorney. "Probe means to thoroughly question, review and examine. That's what we want. Everything," relatives told WTOC.

"We want justice to prevail," Wall said. "Because we know justice will prevail."

The District Attorney's office hopes to have the report and case files fully reviewed by the end of the week. They describe the report as "volumes", so there is no firm timetable on when they will be finished.

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