Police Question Man in Connection with Girl's Disappearance

Ashleigh Moore
Ashleigh Moore

Friday morning, a 12-year-old girl disappeared from her Savannah home. Now a massive search is underway for Ashleigh Moore, who does not fit the typical profile of a runaway. Posters bearing her picture can be seen on many park benches and light poles on Savannah's Southside.

After searching for her all weekend, Monday afternoon police intensified their search. Using Lake Mayer as a central command, search parties--consisting of horse patrols, dog patrols, foot patrols, and helicopters--fanned out, scouring every neighborhood on the Southside.

"At this point, what's most concerning is the amount of time she's been gone," said Chief Dan Flynn. "We have a reported disappearance of a child, and nothing else to go on other than we need to find her."

Finding her has so far been unsuccessful. Still, new information keeps surfacing. Police say a man named Bobby Lavon Buckner was arrested today. He had been living with Ashleigh and her family on Wyner Road. Buckner was arrested for violating his probation, which stems from a 1995 arrest on charges including child molestation, aggravated sexual assault, and statutory rape. Police say Buckner has not been charged in the disappearance of Ashleigh.

Police said they've gone beyond a search for a missing child to an investigation and couldn't go into details of the investigation. They, and Ashleigh's family, are asking for any information. If you know anything, you're asked to call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia, egarcia@wtoc.com