Missing Girl Sought on Hutchinson Island

Mounted police search the island.
Mounted police search the island.

Twelve-year-old Ashleigh Moore is still missing, and the investigation took a turn yesterday afternoon. Police have extended their search to the other side of the Savannah River. Based on a tip, Savannah police with some help from some South Carolina law enforcement officials started searching parts of Hutchinson Island, but now Chief Dan Flynn says they are treating this case differently.

"At this point we are proceeding on the assumption that there is foul play involved in the disappearance of Ashleigh Moore," said Chief Flynn. "We are collecting and processing a lot of evidence that may help us find her and hopefully will not become evidence of any criminal proceeding."

Savannah police have made finding Ashleigh their number one priority.

"We really want to thank and commend the public," said Flynn. "We have been receiving a lot of information, tips, and several of the things that we've received are specific enough to be followed up."

Tips led police to Hutchinson Island, where Chief Flynn made it clear that Savannah police will not stop searching they find Ashleigh.

"We do not have evidence to say that harm has come to Ashleigh," said Flynn. "We are obviously like everyone else extremely concerned and it's quite obvious that when a 12 year-old child is missing this amount of time, there is a high likelihood of foul play."

Of course police and family members continue to hope that if you have any tips, you will call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Ryan Young, ryoung@wtoc.com