200 Rangers Return

After fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom, 200 soldiers are safe at home in Savannah. They landed at Hunter Army Airfield early this morning. WTOC was there as families and Rangers were reunited. Some of the family members said the anticipation of seeing their loved ones again was almost too much to bear.

"It was like when he was a little boy, you know like when the first time I ever saw him," said military mom Monetta Richardson of her son, SSgt. Pugh. "It was like that all over again, it was just wonderful, it was indescribable."

After spending time in fighting in a foreign country, some soldiers say the best part about coming home is the freedom we have.

"Just going to something like that, you forget how good you got it here and how much it means to be American, and there's a lot of things you neglect," SSgt. Louis Sisneros told us. "Just to be home is a really good feeling after two and a half months.

This heroes' welcome is like nothing many of them have ever seen.

"I've been to many different places around the world stationed, and in this community, every time we come home it's the same type of support," said Maj. Chris Vanek. "You don't find that any where else in the country."

These are the Rangers that are responsible for rescuing Private First Class Jessica Lynch.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com