WTOC Awards

Here are our 2006 Georgia Associated Press Broadcast Awards:

Best Series Reporting:
    Winner--"Immigration Impact," Michelle Paynter and Mehmet Caglayan

Best General Reporting:
    Honorable Mention--"Trapped Alligator," Michelle Paynter and Marcus White

Best Staff Coverage:
    Honorable Mention--"Missing Soldier," WTOC News Staff

Best Documentary/News Special Programming:
    Winner--"Mission of Mercy: Ghana," Dawn Baker and Channing Beacham

Best Sports Feature:
    Winner--"Charrod Taylor," Chris Cowperthwaite

General Excellence in Photojournalism:
    Honorable Mention--"Casey Mitchell: Player of the Year," Chris Clark

Best Website:
    Winner--wtoc.com, WTOC News Staff

On Saturday, April 29, 2006, WTOC was honored with several 2005 Georgia Associated Press Broadcast Awards:

Best Series Reporting
    1st Place--"Kids and Crime," Michelle Paynter and Mehmet Caglayan

Best Documentary/News Special Reporting
    Honorable Mention--"Wired for Sound II: Rewired," Chris Clark, Channing Beacham, Zach Powers, Rick Snow, Dal Cannady and Aaron Vogel

Best Sports Feature
    1st Place--"Racing Pastor," Chris Clark and Hena Daniels

Best Sportscast
    1st Place--"August 12, 2005," Rick Snow, Chris Cowperthwaite and Chris Clark

Best Sports Program
    1st Place--"An Evening on the Harbour," News Staff

Best Use of Sound
    Honorable Mention--"Wired for Sound II: Rewired," Chris Clark

Best Website
    1st Place--"WTOC.com," Charles Gray and Tom Wichman

On Saturday, June 18, 2005, WTOC's sports reporter Chris Clark took home the Emmy for outstanding achievement for news programming for  Wired for Sound. Chris' Emmy was the only one awarded in the State of Georgia, other than some to the Atlanta stations.

Honors we received in the 2004 Georgia Associated Press Broadcast Awards:

Pacemaker Award for Outstanding News Operation--Staff

Best Spot News Reporting
            1st Place--"Wilmington Island House Explosion"--Staff

Best Investigative Reporting  
            Honorable Mention--"Against the Odds: Against the Law"--Don Logana, Mehmet Caglayan
Best Series Reporting
            1st Place--"Baseball in Savannah"--Chris Clark, Rick Snow, Mitch Glicken
Best Anchor/Reporter
            1st Place--Sonny Dixon
            Honorable Mention--Don Logana
Best Feature Reporting
            1st Place--"The Ties That Bind"--Chris Clark
Best Documentary
            1st Place--"An American Journey: Civil Rights in Savannah"--Craig Harney, Dawn Baker, Barry Lewis, Alex Monarch, Christine Edwards

Best Sports Program
            1st Place--"Tailgating with WTOC"--Staff

Best Specialized Reporting
            1st Place--Dal Cannady, Military Coverage

Best Spot News Video
            1st Place--Steven Shoob--"Food Lion Robbery"

General Excellence in Photojournalism
            1st Place--Chris Clark--"Tommy Watkins: Player of the Year"
            Honorable Mention--Mehmet Caglayan--"Florida Flooding"
Best Use of Sound
            1st Place--"Wired for Sound"--Chris Clark

WTOC has won a 2005 Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Sports Feature. The winning entry, "The Ties That Bind," was the work of Chris Clark.

We took home top honors in the 2003 Georgia Associated Press Broadcast Awards, including one of the industry's most coveted awards, the Pacemaker Award for Best Overall News Operation.

WTOC captured:

  • First and second place for Best Newscast (The News At 6 and The News at 11 were the finalists)
  • First place in Investigative Reporting,
  • Best Sports Feature,
  • General Excellence In Photojournalism,
  • as well as First and Second place for Best Staff Coverage

And of course we'd like to send out a big "Thank You" to our viewers for making us
The Southeast News Leader .