Military Salute: Family Readiness Group

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

FORT STEWART, GA (WTOC) - Every Third Infantry battalion, platoon, even company, had leaders around the table at Club Stewart Tuesday. But most do not wear a uniform. They are spouses who head up Family Readiness Groups, or FRG's.

"The Army and the military have come a significant way. The family is part of the soldier's survival and I think that's critical. If the soldier is confident their family is equipped, we can prepare them on the battlefront," said a spouse who also serves as Mobilization Manager at Fort Stewart.

In this generation, the spouses of commanders help mentor the families of younger troops.

"For many of us, it is the third or fourth deployment and yet there are families it is their first so we need to be as fresh for them as we were when it was our first. It becomes a challenge," described Anita Kazmierczak, FRG advisor for the 2-6 Brigade Support Battalion.

"It's an information link. We want to make sure people know where the resources are," Mosely added. "Do they understand where the hospital is? Do they know how to get in touch with the unit? Do they know and understand the resources available to them?

Major General Tony Cucolo caught many off guard at the meeting by showing up and offering encouragement. Only a few knew the commander was stateside from Iraq on a few days leave. The commanders in uniform said the help given on the home front helps them in the field.

"There is strength in dealing with something when the people next to you are dealing with the same thing," added Major General Tony Cucolo. "There is a wealth of support and information represented in those groups."

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