Military Salute: John Teeples

By Mike Manhatton -  email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - To help our military, one man just finished a marathon journey.  Actually, more like ten marathons.  John Teeples is trying to improve homes for the men and women of the U. S. Armed Forces, and we offer a WTOC Military Salute to this runner who helps others.

With a cheer from a hardy crowd, in the middle of the night at Fort Benning in Columbus, they're off. The runners are on a mission to help those who have served in uniform. John Teeples runs a construction company in Columbus, but runs whenever he can. To challenge himself, he decided to run across Georgia. "I said let's use my talent for running as a means to help others. So I got involved with this organization, by the name of House of Heros, as a means to make a difference. Give it a purpose, give it a reason. It's quite an accomplishment to run across the state of Georgia, 260 miles in the heat and humidity. Unbelievable."

It was tough, but fulfilling, as he drew attention to the cause. The journey wrapped up on Saturday with a police escort through Savannah's tree-shaded streets. Plenty of excitement after the solitary hours on the road. But this isn't the reason he runs.

"This running and all that big hoopla and everything, but what's really the big benefit and what's so much fun is to go to the veteran's houses and walk into their houses, they usually live somewhat modestly and somewhat in some dilapidated conditions. Getting over there and helping them with their house and make a difference in their lives, you walk in the door, you're like a hero, you're like the cavalry just walked in."

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