Rumsfeld Praises Third ID in Iraq

Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld was in Baghdad today, praising the US military men and women who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While the world watched to see what Secretary Rumsfeld said, Third Infantry Division families were watching the crowd, closely. For many of our friends and neighbors, the audience was as important as the information.

"When people are writing the history books, you are going to be in it," Rumsfeld said.

As he praised the troops, Susan Lutz was searching for her husband. She got a call early this morning to look for CWO George Lutz, an Apache helicopter pilot with Hunter's 1-3 Aviation Regiment. He's among hundreds of troops who met with Secretary Rumsfeld in Baghdad today.

"So, of course, I'm sitting there from eight o'clock until it came on, watching and flipping through the channels, hoping to see a glimpse of him," said Susan.

Unfortunately, Susan didn't spot him. She listened as Rumsfeld fielded a question from a Third ID soldier and as he offered high praise for their work in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"It was possibly the fastest march on a capital in modern military history, and unlike many armies in the world, you came not to conquer, not to occupy, but to liberate," Secretary Rumsfeld said.

Now, Susan is hopeful that liberation means many troops, like her husband, will start to come home.

"I'm ready for him to be home," said Susan. "We've been in the Third ID for five years now and I'm lucky to have had him home for two years in a row."

Reported by: Liz Flynn,