Fallen Soldiers Memorialized at Fort Stewart

Third Infantry Division soldiers took the time today to dedicate what they're calling a living memorial to soldiers who paid the ultimate price. The somber sound of "Amazing Grace" carried across Contrell Field at Fort Stewart as soldiers paid tribute to fallen troops, the 34 killed on the Iraqi battlefield.

"Those killed and injured were from units throughout this division," said Col. Jerry Poltorak, addressing the assembly. "Headquarters units and line units. Infantry, combat engineering, aviation, field artillery, and support groups. They were young troopers and old soldiers."

One by one, they read the names for family and fellow soldiers to remember their ultimate sacrifice. Post leaders also dedicated the Warriors' Walk, two rows of trees to remember those who paid the price of liberty.

"Forever more, these soldiers will be remembered," said Col. Poltorak. "And most of all, they will be here, marching in every formation on this field of honor. They will be in attendance at our most important events. They will not be forgotten."

They also remembered those soldiers who are still in Iraq and still in harm's way.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com