Amtrak Traffic Stops in Savannah

Today's crash is affecting trains all along the East Coast. No trains will be traveling between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida, in either direction for a while. So how will all those people get where they're going? WTOC looked into their problem. The passengers going south are being bussed from here to Jacksonville, and passengers going north are being bussed from Jacksonville to Savannah.

Edie Deloach and her children are just a few of the 160 passengers who had to get off the train and board busses to Jacksonville in order to keep traveling south.

"It's just an adventure, when you start in England, it's just an adventure," she said.

While everyone was concerned about the passengers in Hinesville, there were mixed emotions about the inconvenience.

"Anybody who thinks riding a train is safe is full of it," one rider said.

"I'm glad we weren't on that train, so I don't mind waiting," said Carol Bloom.

The Blooms were in Savannah, celebrating their second anniversary, and found out about their extended journey when they checked in.

"Another part of the adventure, this will be a story," Carol said.

Like many others boarding buses, they say they are not worried about getting back on a train.

"When we were coming up, we were two hours late and they attributed it to expansion of rails and heat, so they were observing the speed limit," Carol's husband, Robert. "So as much as you want to talk about Amtrak, they appear to be concerned with safety."

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,