Family of Missing Girl Sets Up Reward Fund

Ashleigh Moore
Ashleigh Moore

Twelve-year-old Ashleigh Moore has been missing almost three weeks now. If you tuned in to America's Most Wanted this weekend, you saw her case finally got some national attention. According to the show's producers, that particular show generated more than 300 tips, but unfortunately only five of those were for Ashleigh and none were credible. But according to Savannah police, they're still getting the tips they need to either solve the case or develop a criminal case.

When Ashleigh first disappeared, her name and face were everywhere. The first week, police conducted massive searches in different parts of town, including Hutchinson Island. The second week, it was the community leading the searches.

"We're getting tips, we've gotten around 25, 30 tips," said Demery Bishop of CrimeStoppers.

The tips are keeping Savannah police busy.

"We're following up each and every one of those," said Chief Dan Flynn of the Savannah Police Department. "Even the family has received some tips directly, they've given them to police department and we're following them up as well."

Along with following up on those tips, police say they're also busy collecting evidence that might come in handy for a criminal investigation.

"If we ultimately learn that harm has come to Ashleigh, we may have a criminal case eventually," said Dan Flynn. "So we're compiling and cataloging that evidence as we do in a criminal investigation."

Along with tips, the family is also asking for your help in getting a reward fund together. They have started up an account at SunTrust bank. If you'd like to make a donation, just stop by one of the bank's 13 Savannah locations and say you'd like to deposit money in the Ashleigh Moore Reward Fund.

As for Bobby Buckner, Ashleigh's mother's live-in boyfriend, we learned he is still in jail on a probation violation. Apparently he did recently have a bond hearing, and a judge denied him bond.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,