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Amtrak Accident: Line Opens

Yesterday morning. Yesterday morning.
This afternoon. This afternoon.
The broken switch track. The broken switch track.

Today, the engineer of the Amtrak passenger train that crashed has died. The accident occurred when the train slammed into a log truck yesterday morning on a small road, just west of the intersection of Route 196 and US Highway 84 in Liberty County.

The accident tore up the tracks, closing the line between Savannah and Jacksonville, but CSX crews worked through the night and were able to reopen one at 2:30am this morning. As of this evening, another set of tracks is open. Most of the wreckage has been cleared from the scene. Crews are still working, and they will work until it's all cleared up.

Trains are once again running on one of the three lines. Even an Amtrak train passed by the scene of the accident today.

Crews had to cut away the damaged lines and lay short track panels down, which connect to each other like model train tracks. It's a temporary fix to get trains running. Crews also poured the gray gravel called ballast, which helps keep the cross-ties in place.

Have of the train that crashed Monday is still on the track, and right now it can't be moved. Workers are busy fixing a switch, which will allow the remaining cars of the train to get onto a repaired track and to a repair shop. The switch was badly mangled during the crash and may take another day to fix. They're doing some work on the train cars themselves, but aren't sure when they'll be ready to move them.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,



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