Massive Ribbon-Making

What can you do with more than two miles of red, white, blue, and yellow ribbon? Military families are using it to prepare for a huge welcome home for our troops, decking out Hunter Army Airfield. With miles of ribbon and bows, the airfield looks like a department store gift wrap section at Christmas. But for the soldiers' families this is more exciting than any holiday.

"It feels like we're down to the wire now," said military wife Susan Lutz.

Susan's husband CWO George Lutz may be home in July, after nearly seven months in Iraq. Preparing for his return eases some of Susan's anxiety.

"I think it's a good release," she said. "It give us something to keep busy. Idle hands, you know. You want to keep your hands busy."

With three hundred ribbons to make, keeping busy isn't a problem. The Waltrich Plastic Company has donated more than 11,000 feet of ribbon, making this the single largest ribbon-making endeavor ever undertaken at Hunter Army Airfield.

"I've cut ribbons before, but not this many," said Josephine Jackson. Josephine's been wielding scissors all morning. One of the soldiers they're going up for is her daughter, Sergeant Kendra Thorn.

"I got a call from her Sunday," Josephine said. "She told me she'll be home by the end of May, beginning of June. She's been over there since January."

The ribbons will stay up till the soldiers all come home. That's a comfort to Felicia Nesbitt who's still not sure when her husband, Sgt. First Class Michael Nesbitt, will come back.

"I can't wait," she said. "It just can't be soon enough."

Boy Scouts from Savannah Troops 3 and 88 will hang the ribbons tonight at Hunter Army Airfield.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,