MacPhail supporters, family attend rally

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Supporters and family members of slain officer Mark MacPhail held a rally Tuesday at the police memorial in Savannah.

Troy Davis has been convicted in the 1989 shooting the Savannah police officer. MacPhail was working off duty when he heard a man cry out for help.

According to witness testimonies from the 1991 trial, Davis was pistol whipping a homeless man, and MacPhail ran to help. Witnesses said Davis shot and killed MacPhail, court documents show. The U.S. Supreme Court last summer ordered a hearing on Davis' innocence claim.

Testimony from witnesses is now being questioned. Seven of the nine witnesses who testified are now recanting their statements, saying they don't know if it was Davis that hit the homeless man, or even if he was the one to shoot MacPhail. Davis's life has been spared three times from execution.

MacPhail's children and his mother were among the family members who attended the rally to make sure his death is not forgotten. They said they believe Davis is guilty and that they don't know what to expect at Wednesday's hearing or what the judge may do.

"I just hope that he's going to stand behind what the countless other judges have said and what the original jury said -- and just stand behind what we believe is justice," said MacPhail's daughter Madison.

"There has to be an end. God, I hope it's soon," said MacPhail's mother, Anneliese.

A judge will hear details on the case Wednesday.

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