Boy Scouts Hang Ribbons

Folks can't wait for our troops to come home. They're ready for the big, warm welcome at Hunter Army Airfield, where military families spent yesterday preparing 11,000 feet of ribbons and bows to decorate for the occasion. WTOC found some Boy Scouts pitching in to say thanks.

A young tenderfoot, Hunter Taylor was ready to help hammering nails, putting his figures in harm's way to help welcome the troops home. But there's one soldier he especially can't wait to see.

"My uncle, he's a Ranger in Iraq," Hunter said.

The Boy Scouts in Troop 3 hung the ribbons, turning green trees yellow. The young scouts worked in teams, covering all the trees and phone polls with the tokens of support.

"They do know the community cares for the military," said scout leader Arnie Cob. "They also are learning that it's a good thing to do service for others."

"The number one thing is supporting my country, and it's a good thing to do for our community," said Hunter.

As the boys made their way across Hunter Army Airfield, more and more they too were taking pride in the colors before them, hoping that as the soldiers return, they'll notice the their efforts to say thank you.

Reported by: Ryan Young,