German Shepard mix; Chihuahua mix

My pets Chino and Bambi ran off on Sunday 6/20/10 around 10 a.m. and they have yet to return.

My family and I reside in the Windsor Forest area and I have driven all around the area in search of them but there was no use.

Chino is a 47-pound German Shepard/Chow mix with an all purple tong. I recently gave him a hair cut because of the hot weather so he has a bad haircut.

Bambi is a chihuahua/Italian gray hound mix that is coated all brown and is very sweet. But if she doesn't know you, she won't come to you and she will try to defend herself. They both have matching collars with their names and my phone number on their tags plus their recent rabies tag.

I miss them very much and would really love to have them back.