Money Wise--Making Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day is this Sunday...have you done your shopping yet? If you haven't, you're certainly not alone, and we have a few last-minute ideas. How about some products designed to make her feel and look as great as she is?

A mother's touch starts with silky soft hands. To keep them that, way Revlon has a wax treatment which aims to have mom's hands emerge as smooth as a baby's skin. Carolyn Forte, Good Housekeeping's home care director, said  "The Revlon paraffin spa is nicely designed. It's great shape for putting your hands in or your feet in."

The Moisture Stay Luxury Paraffin Bath is about $40 and Good Housekeeping liked the device, because it melts wax in a third of the time it takes other machines. And once Mom's hands are soft, there's a new color for her nails.

"To finish your manicure, you just want to choose one of the hot shades for spring, and we like Chanel's boa, which is a bright pink, or dream gloss, which is a very nice coral," said Amy Keller, Good Housekeeping's beauty editor.

For Mom's face, Conair has a steam cleaner which releases warm steam for deep cleansing, then follows with a cool mist to close the pores.

"We liked the Conair steamer for the shape of the cone, we found that the mask comfortably covered your face," said Forte.

The Conair Facial Sauna retails for about $30 and gets kudos as being comfortable to use. Finally, while most busy moms can't take time out to search for contentment at a monastery, they may get some of the same benefits from the latest in Zen Spa Treatments.

"The warm heated stones are great for radiating heat into muscles that ache," said Forte.

With Conair's $40 heated stone spa, a frantic mom may find the serenity of meditating monks, at least for a few minutes. Good Housekeeping says Mom can place the stones from the stone spa on her face, back or wherever she needs to relieve tension. You can find a few more gift ideas for Mom in the may issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,