Silver Eagles Return

The Aguilars.
The Aguilars.

Nearly a dozen Marines and sailors with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 are back home in Beaufort with their families. They've been gone for five and half months, deployed to the Middle East aboard the USS Harry S. Truman. One of these Silver Eagles had quite a surprise waiting for him.

Corporal Marcelino Aguilar had been waiting two months to see his little girl. And now for the first time, their family is finally united. When friends and family spotted his plane, they knew they'd see their Silver Eagles soon. But it couldn't be soon enough for Heling Aguilar, who's been waiting to introduce her daughter Annisabelle to her father.

" I just want to see his expression," she told us while waiting. "His face, that's all I want to see."

After racing toward the plane, she got her wish.

"She's beautiful," said Cpl. Aguilar cradling his baby. "She looks like her mom, that's why she's beautiful probably." Of the feeling of meeting his daughter, he said, "It's unexplainable. I don't think anything could match up to this."

"I felt like I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk, everything was moving in slow motion," said Heling.

"It's been killing me the whole deployment, just to get home, just wanted to be here for my little girl and my wife to be with them, take care of them," said Cpl. Aguilar.

After five months aboard the Truman as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, this Marine will now have another mission: fatherhood.

"It's just great to be home," he said.

The rest of the Silver Eagles are expected home in just about two weeks.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,