Classmates Hold Vigil for Missing Girl

Ashleigh Moore
Ashleigh Moore
This flag will fly at DeRenne Middle School till she's found.
This flag will fly at DeRenne Middle School till she's found.

Sunday is Mother's Day, and there's nothing one Savannah woman wants more than to have her daughter back home. But there's been no sign of 12-year-old Ashleigh Moore since she disappeared three weeks ago. These past three weeks have been hard on everyone who knew this little girl. Today, her classmates at DeRenne Middle School held a vigil for their friend, who they say will be coming home any day now.

A new flag went going up here at DeRenne Middle school, a flag with Ashleigh Moore's image on it. They'll be flying it until Ashleigh is found. It will remind these students each and every day that their friend is not with them.

"It's been hard, sometimes we try not to think about it," said classmate Danielle Davis. "Every day we come in and say, 'Did they find Ashleigh yet?' We just talk about it and stuff."

Her friends say Ashleigh was quiet, but often the comedian of the group.

"She was just goofy and liked to have fun," said Brandyn Poole.

"She made a lot of jokes that were funny," said Danielle. "She was really nice."

They miss her jokes, but miss her friendship even more.

"It took me a while to realize she was gone, walking the hallways and seeing the posters everywhere," said Danielle.

Not knowing where she is has been a painful experience for these students. Still they're not giving up hope.

"We love you and miss you and we know you'rer coming back," said Brandyn.

Along with today's vigil, Monday her classmates also donated a $600 check to CrimeStoppers. It was money they raised on their own.

Ashleigh's family is starting yet another search effort tomorrow. If you're interested in helping out, they will be meeting at Lake Mayer tomorrow morning at 9am. They'll be handing out fliers with Ashleigh's picture on them in another neighborhood.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,