Editorial feedback - 06/28/10


My thoughts are that your editorial was totally corporate and politically biased. When did the United States of America become responsible for a corporations catastrophe? You don't hear the corporation offering profit sharing with the American people during times of prosperity but according to your editorial, you blame the federal government. How corporate of you.  Katrina was a natural disaster. The oil rig was a man made, corporate disaster. It was a corporate mistake, not a national mistake. Not one red cent should be spent from tax payer money to fix this. BP should be responsible for the entire bill. They caused it. I got in a wreck when I was 16, was it the governments fault? No it was mine. At some point individuals and corporations are going to have start accepting responsiblity for their own actions. Our government cannot afford to cover the faults of corporate America. The financial system melts down, secondary to greed, the goverment bails them out. GM melts down the goverment bails them out. When does it stop?  BP is responsible. The American goverment and people owe them nothing. It is their mess, let them clean it up. Leave America out of it.

Tim Nesmith
Cobbtown, GA

Did you forget your meds this morning?  Your editorial this evening, June 28, was reprehensible.  It set a new partisan low -- even for you.

David Alvin
Bluffton, S.C.