Mother seeks answers in son's 2005 murder

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

VIDALIA, GA (WTOC) - Barbara Summersett and a dozen volunteers will cook up a storm for the holiday weekend. But they won't be celebrating Independence Day. They'll sell food at their Warthen Street cookout to raise reward money. They'll add their proceeds to $2,500 already raised for information in the murder of Barbara's son, Sean, five years ago.

"It feels like 50 years when your son is dead and you don't have a clue who did it," she explained.

He left her home in Vidalia the night of July 4, 2005, heading to a cookout in nearby Lyons. Her agony began the next morning.

Police called her after they found his body in a back alley off North Hall Street in Lyons near some apartments where the cookout took place. Five years later, Barbara still refuses to believe no one saw anything.

"Somebody had to see something and probably more than one somebody," she stated. "The way he died, that's a heart wrenching problem. Who could be that evil to shoot somebody down and leave them for dead?"

She's hosted the cookout and held a candlelight vigil each year since. She said she can't move on until the killer is brought to justice.

"I have not forgotten and I won't forget," she vowed. "I let everybody know I care about my son and keep the person who did it on notice that we're not giving up."

She said she doesn't care if a witness comes forward out of guilt or greed. The reward would be a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The cookout will take place at 109 Warthen Street in Vidalia, starting at noon Saturday. The candlelight vigil will start around dusk Sunday night.

Lyons Police and the Eastman office of the GBI continue to investigate the case.

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